I’m mean…Not! 

You ever had that feeling that behind all the stiff smiles and ever so cordial encounters, greetings, check-ups ( those just checking on you calls), play dates and Christmas lunches that they actually really don’t give a hoot about you? Is that a yes ? Mmmmm me too!  Truth be told, I really wonder why … More I’m mean…Not! 

Me,afraid? No!

These past couple of weeks have been seriously hectic for me. I have been meaning to put something up on my blog, but haven’t really had the chance or heart to. I am not prone to half-hearted write-ups or simply doing things just to get them done, so I just kept and still keep thinking … More Me,afraid? No!

Slam Poetry Sunday

It’s Slam Poetry Sunday and I have been trying to get a feel of things, so here goes nothing: The corner of Leave and Stay He stands at the corner of Leave and Stay, uncertainty, mistrust  along each way.    He stands at the corner  of Leave and Stay,  there is a price to pay  … More Slam Poetry Sunday


I know its not Slam Poetry Sunday , but am trying something here, so bear with me: She She thought she needed structure. She thought she needed a plan. She thought she needed a reason. She thought she needed you. She thought she needed time. She thought she needed love. She thought she needed to prove herself. She thought … More She

Monday Hues: Blue

Today the color of choice is blue! Blue. One can simply not go wrong this fall or another time of the year with blue! Blue in its many different hues has been trending since the conception of primary colors! However this fall if you are looking to rock blue , it would be better to … More Monday Hues: Blue

Slam Poetry Sunday

I have been trying to inspire myself to write poetry for a while now. I have been told that poetry is meeting its end, but I don’t believe in street talk! I am no poet , but I have words at heart that when put together sound good. Slam Poetry Sunday is my way of … More Slam Poetry Sunday