The Oscars: Live from my living room!


Now that the dust has settled down a bit after the highly anticipated 89th annual Oscar Awards , the “mice can come out and play”!( Yay!- that’s my que!) For those of you who aren’t aware, the awards took place on the 26th of February 2017, and I managed to get a glimpse of clips from the awards the other night on my TV, in my living room (of course because my personal invite got lost in the mail!). I will not delve into the controversies of the actual awards ceremony with the whole Moonlight vs La La Land fiasco, but I will rather we take a look at some of the red carpet moments. Personally, I enjoyed some of what I saw on the red carpet, but quite honestly, I was a little frustrated because when watching on TV you only really get to see what you’re shown and not what you want! Which is just too much for me?

But none the less, I have rounded up some of my favourites from that evening and I have decided to have my very own Oscar Couch Potato Awards (cheesy, I know!):

Starting with Annoyingly Cute Couple: Now this hands down goes to the ‘Legends’ , I must say they are notorious when it comes to attention seeking tactics (mainly wifey), but who cares they  have dimples and seem pretty genuine in front of the cameras!

Chrissy and John are just adorbs!

Most Dapper looking couple: Pharell and Helen look suave! I love his Tux, a classic three-piece suit with a tail and those beads just finish off his sophistication ( he has never been simple!) and Helen looks like Helen, however her dress is fairy tale picture perfect with beautiful floral details and lace finishes. I’m just not head over heels in love with that big braid thing going on, on her head.

Pharell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

Mr and Mrs Congeniality: He is legendary and his wife looks simple and beautiful , both have a hearty presence on camera, fun, real and genuine, this one goes to the Washingtons.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Denzel needs no introduction!

Golden Globe: Now gold was most definitely doing the rounds that evening. If you are not careful with this colour you could really end up looking like something out of a Mummy Returns horror movie. Personally, I wear it in moderation and really enjoy the richness it adds to a look. This one for me goes to Emma Stone because her dress was gorgeous, the fringe, sequins, and simplistic details really worked. I think her make-up and hair were just perfect for the evening and she really had well-rounded look.

Emma looks gorgeous!

I will also mention that Robin Roberts was also quite enjoyable in gold, and even though he voice really puts me to sleep, I have to say that she wore the gold well.

Robin is glowing!

31 Toppings:  Sometimes too much of a good thing can be great, and well other times its just disastrous.  With this being said, I love, love, love details and I love Janelle Monae, but I feel like Janelle’s whole look was just t-o-o much! I mean she looked stunning and stunned at the same time. And to add to the already full plate she wore a headpiece as well. Her dress just has so much going on that it’s hard to take it all in and appreciate it, I feel like the in this case less is more!

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Janelle in a lot of dress!

Minimalist Award: in contrast to the above category, this one goes to Nicole Kidman. She looked stunning, simple, halter neck, easy flow dress with beautiful embroidery and sequins details matched with simple diamond pieces and clutter-free makeup. Effortlessly done!

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Nicole is effortless!

Athena: Elegance is not easy to achieve and when you have to combine elements of velvet it makes it that more difficult! So you can imagine my surprise when I set eyes on Michelle Williams. She looks like a goddess in her emerald velvet dress. Velvet is no easy task and she pulled it off. I love her hair, simple , chic overly blonde long and resting over her shoulder and her make-up is beautiful, bringing out her cheekbones and bold eyes. My hat goes off to her!

Michelle is a goddess!

My runner-up for this one is Karlie Kloss! Now I love white, it one of my absolutely most favourite colours to wear. I love this high neck, one shoulder cape design she has on. It looks sleek with a touch of power. Not talking politics, but that blue ribbon is just perfect! Her hair and make are flawless, and she has kept it simple with only a neck piece and earrings. She really is a beauty to look at!

Yes Karlie!!

Disney Princess: I love fairy tales and I love fairytale princess gowns more! So, for this category I chose my favourite princess gowns that evening. 1st place goes to Scarlett , she looks absolutely amazing in her embellished flush pink gown, it just flows and she matched it up with her edgy crop cut and that chunky belt. I just loved the way she fused retro with princess!

Scarlett is stunning!

My runner-up is Ava DuVernay. She looks amazing in this gown, the colour first-off is gorgeous , with beautiful sequins and beaded work. I enjoy how the turtle neck teamed with long sleeves give an air of sophistication. He hair and makeup look bold and over all I think she is a stunner!

Beautifully done Ava!

Annabel: This one goes to Salma Hayek because she just looks adorable in this black, laced sequined gypsy dress design that she has on. It’s a fresh take on the classic gown with that bodice doing the naughty but nice thing! I would have preferred an up-do with this, she looks cute either way!

Salma Hayek is adorbs!

Ticking time-bomb: So, I am not sure what was really going on with Halle Berry , but her entire look for me was just messy. Too much hair! That hair just doesn’t do justice to her facial features, her make-up looked literally effortless and the dress for me was just a mash-up. I love Halle, but I didn’t enjoy seeing her like this!

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Halle Berry leaves me speechless!


Bloop!: This without a doubt goes to Blanca Blanco. I have never been a fan of frills and don’t see that changing in this life time. Those frilly arms are a big NO for me. I think her dress wasn’t very modest, the waist high slit is not recommended for the Oscars. Her makeup and her weren’t anything to look at really. For me this was a blooper!

Bloop Blanca! 

Dynamite: My absolute favourite looks were from Taraj and Marhershala. They blew me away!

Let’s start with Taraj, she looked to die for in this elegant gown. So simple yet so timeless! The off the shoulder lapels and diamond neck piece are just classic. Her makeup is alluring and her hair is perfect with that Monroe feel! Beautiful!

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Taraj is dynamite!

Marhershala looks so suave in his all-black attire- a very good fit! Not much I can say when it comes to the guys (wink)!

Mahershala Ali

Well that’s all folks. Live from my very own living room. Hope you enjoyed and thank you for taking your time out to read this!

Nonny R


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