New Years Resolution? No thank you!


It’s 2017 and I have been on the edge since the beginning of the year. What on earth could be the matter? You might be wondering ….or not! Well, what’s in-store for me this upcoming year? Truly speaking I don’t know and have never been one to do the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing and I am certainly not about to start now….most definitely not after the hell and high waters that 2016 was for me! I kind of figured that no matter what I have planned, if the waters are raging and my boat capsizes I need to survive first, before all else!

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have goals and objectives that I plan on reaching , I just don’t base them purely on the new year – way too much pressure. I think deep down (somewhere inside of me), I must have somewhat of a fear of commitment to life goals or something. I mean in this day and age even a simple commitment to grabbing a coffee with a family member or doing your laundry on a specific day every week is just ….way too much! (seriously!) . So, how then do I set goals at the beginning of the year without them falling under the ‘New Years Resolution’ umbrella of doom? Because based on my own personal experience whenever I come up with these resolutions that really never amount to anything, I just feel so fickle and never resolve to any of them.

I thought that a nice positive way to start this New Year would be by sharing how I don’t pressure myself into setting goals at the beginning of each year, which indirectly pressures me into achieving these goals, that I don’t acknowledge setting at the beginning of each year! This may sound complicated (because it is!), but it happens so effortlessly that I haven’t even been able to map out its process just yet! It’s like reverse psychology on myself.


After some thought, I came up with possible reasons why I don’t officially set goals – fears that I think I have , and I’m pretty sure I am not the only one on the planet who might experience these feelings. I have fears such as:

The fear of committing a specific date– using terms like the ‘by the end of the year’ because that way you don’t really have to start, and mind you this only applies to these resolutions.

The fear of voicing out my goals because this will make them a reality, and I don’t want that, or maybe I do?

The fear of sharing my goals with others not only because people can be judgmental, but because this will mean that someone will hold me accountable .

The fear of actually setting ‘realistic goals’. Because these are achievable, and therefore not so impressive.

The fear of inflexibility, the goal is set- like fondant on a cake.

I’m pretty sure there are more, but these are at the top of my head and make sense right now.

Even after mentioning all this I am not going to read up on any self-help BS on ‘how to set goals and achieve them‘ ( see , I achieved one of my ‘not set goals’) because my system works perfectly well for me! But that is not say that it will work for everyone else!

The strangest thing is that these fears that I seem to be suffering from, do not stop me from achieving whatever I set my mind to. I’m hoping that after reading this you feel less pressured into falling into the ‘New Years Resolution’ trap and just feel more comfortable with doing things the way you want to and know that it’s OK to not have a new years resolution and in the same breath it’s perfectly OK if you do!

Wishing you all the best in whatever you plan on not doing this year!

Nonny R



  1. I have those fears, I think like you say many of us do. For me the keyword that works for me is “try”. Goals and promises are hard to reach and keep. Once you feel the “try” will set you free it may surprise you that will get you places. Good luck 🙂

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