Fashion Focus: The Skirt

We love Midi-skirts!

Okay, so its festivities all round and most of us will be out and about. Doing only we know what! (with whom???!!!ha!) And what better way to flirt than in a skirt. Slow your roll, by flirting I mean flirting with life, with your femininity , with your body, oh hell with festive lights!– whatever tickles your fancies, but whether it be and office parties, Christmas lunch (for those of you who celebrate), or a date with the girls or a guy, what better way to show up than in a beautiful skirt?! Now, don’t get me wrong, the key to pulling off any outfit is the way in which it is incorporated and presented by the person wearing it , so quite obviously showing up dressed like a Christmas tree and simply whipping on a skirt on top of all that – will not get you on the call back list!

Look if you show up at anytime looking like this, can’t deal with you! Let’s not challenge the mannequins with this one !

I personally love wearing skirts…I would categorize myself as an occasional wearer, some people would be seasonal, frequent , not in this lifetime or strictly skirt wearers! Whatever the case, do it in style, sometimes the skirt you choose to wear may have a possible meaning  or convey a possible message – if skirts could talk…they might sound like this for example (these by the way ,are totally fictional !):

Skirts and the endless conversations


High waist pleated midi, with embroidery details:“I’m sophisticated, analytical and complicated, and my time is money!”


High waist umbrella skirt:“I can be open-minded if I want to, but don’t push it, don’t expect me to deal with your multiple personality disorder either!”


Gypsy skirt ( I tend to shy away from these!):“Look, I have serious personality complex issues and will probably never know what I want to do with my life! Let’s Chill!”


The asymmetrical skirt: “Look I am imbalanced, but I look good ! Don’t overstep my boundaries.”


The straight skirt, with a slit: “Yes, I’m not willing to compromise. Totally rigid and happy that way!”

Tips and tots

If you are looking to accentuate your curves , try high-waist midi’s like Kim. These do work better when there is a bit of booty to work with!

Kim K: Working these midi skirts!

If you are running a bit low in the booty dept , try a pencil skirt . This works for most body types and miraculously adds a whim of stature to your look.

And if you want to go for a more lady like look, that effortlessly makes you look and feel like daddy’s little princess, (for those of us who have daddy issues and cannot relate, I mean it makes you feel like a girl!) then a high-waist umbrella skirt might do the trick. These often look fab on all body types and really cute too!

Around this time of the year I would opt for high-waist anything when it comes to what I wear simply because of the over-indulging that is bound to happen, a little re-enforcement is in my case much-needed!

Celebs in skirts

Our Ladies are out there working those skirts!

A little inspiration can go a long way, here are some ideas for Christmas lunches, or office parties or just festive inspiration !

Fabulously red! 

Whatever style, look or feel you are going for during these festive holidays, make sure that you give a skirt a chance!

Nonny R



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