I know its not Slam Poetry Sunday , but am trying something here, so bear with me:


She thought she needed structure. She thought she needed a plan. She thought she needed a reason. She thought she needed you.

She thought she needed time. She thought she needed love. She thought she needed to prove herself. She thought she needed you.

She kept up the pretenses. She believed the lies. She wiped away the tears,that she cried so many times.

She drowned out the noise, She swallowed her pride. She believed all the words that played on in her mind. 

 She sat  in the dark, and turned on the lights.

She threw off her wig, and wiped off her mask.

She looked in mirror… and I looked back.

 It was I all along, it was me I needed most.

Sometimes I just have words, sort of like a clip or an incomplete story or thought. I am not always able to put it neatly together, but I try. Let me know what you think !

Nonny R


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