Monday Hues: Blue


Today the color of choice is blue! Blue. One can simply not go wrong this fall or another time of the year with blue! Blue in its many different hues has been trending since the conception of primary colors! However this fall if you are looking to rock blue , it would be better to go for the darker, more dense shades like midnight blue, persian blue, sapphire, navy , riverside …basically anything that has nothing t do with that bright, blinding cyan!

Blue is ultimately a power color, serious in nature and a stamp of integrity. It draws natural attention to your outfit and is also said to put people in calmer, tranquil, and more forgiving moods when they rest their eyes on you! (I’m definitely wearing this to my high school reunion!).  Blue is a color that speaks confidence and royalty , it has a maturity to it and can often resuscitate  your look by breathing life into it! You can use blue to create airiness into your style and create a sense of weightlessness with the lighter hues. Don’t be afraid to wear it this fall…or whenever you feel quite frankly. In my opinion it is always good to break it or mix and match it with your caramel to white tones or any other dark to neutral color. Below I have selected some of my favorite blue items, and outfits hoping to get some inspiration for my wardrobe!

Feast your eyes and hopefully there will something that you finding inspiring too!

Runway Blues

Powerful and absolutely chic!

Blue always trends on the runway…its hard not to admire! Its a good idea to have at least one blue coat in your closet…if you already have one – OWN IT !

Royal Blue!

We love Kate and she loves Blue!

You don’t have to be royalty to look like royalty! For a touch of confidence add a touch of blue.

Blue in these Streets

Its an affair!

Street style inspiration! Mix and match it ! I love how each of these women have incorporated it into their styles.

Blue on the Red Carpet


Always a great color for the red carpet, adds that elegance and grace to the woman that wear it. Uma looks lovely. Simple yet stylish!

Fall Inspiration 

This fall…we blue!

Whether it’s a coat, scarf, shoes or sweater this fall we blue!

A Blue leather jacket is a must have, own or borrow!

My Two Cents

I call this one ‘Rythm and Blues’

Hope you found some inspiration and if not, I hope you atleast enjoyed reading this.

Wishing you everything, BUT a blue Monday!

Nonny R


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