Slam Poetry Sunday


I have been trying to inspire myself to write poetry for a while now. I have been told that poetry is meeting its end, but I don’t believe in street talk! I am no poet , but I have words at heart that when put together sound good. Slam Poetry Sunday is my way of motivating myself and others to write! Because writing for me at most times is therapeutic and why not put it together as a poem ?! So, this is my first attempt at POETRY:

My Pen

I will write with a pen, and let the ink reflect my heart.

I will write with a pen, because things are falling apart.Β 

I will write with a pen, in a world where pens are no longer an art.

I will write with a pen, until I feel that I’m complete.

I will write with a pen , in a world where pens are obsolete.


I have written with a pen…And yet I still feel there’s a need.Β 

I am writing with a pen…And with it, I know I’ll never part.Β 


And that’s it. I know its short, but that’s really where my feel ended ( make sense?). I actually wrote this with a pen- Ha! ( bet you didn’t see that one coming!) and truly speaking there is more to it than meets the eye! Let me know what you think? Or if you would like to make any poetic contributions or just talk about it !

Nonny R






  1. It’s a good start. I’m not a poet either but I found myself rhyming in my head whenever I was in the shower. So I decided to put thoughts to paper and so I did. The rhyming thing is somewhat imbedded in us when it comes to creating poetry but recently I’ve tried to write more in ‘free verse’ style where you don’t need to rhyme as I realized that for myself writing good stuff can’t always rhyme, especially if it undermines the message you’re trying to get across. Keep writing and slamming that poetry πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you for taking your time to read it, it’s is so encouraging receiving this kind of feedback! I appreciate it and will give the ‘free verse’style a shot soon! Will keep at it, and you keep spitting those rhymes in the shower too! [forgive me…its just so cute, others sing and you rhyme :-)]. Words that connect worlds… πŸ™‚

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