Style Star: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s almost the end of the year and so many of us are feeling the need to show some appreciation during the final moments of 2016! While the world is wrapping up 2016 ( literally) in neat little “Best of…” packages, while I, on the other hand will take a look at celebrities whose style has inspired me over the years.

SJP: Street Style
SJP: Timeless!

For today I randomly picked Sarah Jessica Parker, she has been described as a ‘tried and true New Yorker’ and has been exalted for her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City ( truly speaking, if you don’t know who she is … you are yet to receive life!) Not only is she an award-winning actress TV and film actress, she is also holding it down as a mother, theatre actress,  a producer, a woman , fashion designer and most importantly my style icon for today ! (fist in the air moment! Ha!)

She effortlessly makes all her outfits seem like they were simply meant to be! And over the years her style has evolved dramatically. The fifty-something year old (who doesn’t look a day older than 45!) has somewhat had an element of maturity in her style for the last couple of years- which we greatly appreciate, especially since we have seen some really off moments during our ‘MILF’ era! .

SJP: Our Cinderella!
SJP: This trench is everything!

From red carpet to the New York City streets SJP is able to give new meaning to the term “I woke up like this” ! and has time and time again been on point when it comes to putting it all together!

While she is renowned for her signature ‘Cinderella Shoe Game’, I personally love her hair more!She has good hair (and extensions too!). Over the past few years she has had some of the best up-do’s a girl could ask for, her hair looks healthy and shiny ( good hair is vital…this will never change!) and she hasn’t done anything really unnecessarily drastic like bleaching it or dying it green. Her highlights and dark blond color add a natural glow to her skin making her look radiant! (Okay , fine, yes I am being extremely bias! Shoot me! )

Good hair !

SJP hair: She knows how to wear an up-do! Beautiful!

SJP inspires me as a style icon, but she truly inspires me as a person. She has shown humility and grace and has carried herself well in the media (which is difficult for some celebs and people in general). She has grown and flourished in her art. And Style wise she has infused her passion for pattern and color and is legendary for her ‘rule-breaking’ ways and being able to infuse multiple elements into one look without looking like jester! For me she is an inspiring woman.

SJP: Street look on point!…-Don’t try this at home! Just kidding…Love it!

Look out for her in the series ‘Divorce’ where she plays a character named Frances, who is raising two kids in a strained marriage.Oh and  a little birdie with a black beak told me she will be the cover girl for Instyle Magazine this coming January – can’t wait !

Sarah Jessica Parker: InStyle Magazine Cover Girl January 2017!

Follow her on instagram: @sarahjessicaparker and follow me as well while you’re at it!  😉

Nonny R


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