Love’s Fool


Have you ever been so tired of feeling pain that you just feel numb, by default? Well, me neither, over the years the pain may subside or the effects thereof BUT I have not accomplished reaching a level of numbness and I don’t want to either! I mean what is life without feeling? I never want things to get so bad that I am unable to feel anymore, but I know that there are many people out there feeling this way.

Now, I am not in the field of giving advice and I am not psyche specialist, so please feel free to hold your own opinion or view when it comes to any matters that are discussed on this blog. What I do know is that millions of us are going through shit every day and some of us turn to the digital village for help. This is just my two cents worth that I am giving.

It hurts. It just hurts thinking that you are just not good enough for another human being. It hurts when you keep trying to pursue happiness, but you just keep failing. It hurts when you love, but those you love hurt you .It hurts when you realize that being broken is not okay….

When you’re a fool for love

Well the first thing that comes to mind is the saying “Love is not supposed to hurt”– ironic isn’t it ? Yet so many of us have felt pain for so long that we start believing that its normal – well I am telling you today that it’s NOT, and if you are hurting, whether it be physical mental or emotional, then you’re being made a fool and need to do some serious re-evaluation!

Love is a feeling that needs to be expressed. This holds true for any relationship. Expression is not limited to talking, but it includes action too. And if your partner does not allow you to express yourself , and I mean holistically allow you and you them , to express your feelings , desires, emotions or whatever….then they might be makin’ a fool out of you…re-evaluate !

“Stick and stones”…words. Words. Sometimes the worst type of pain is caused by the things we cannot see. Just because the world is not privy to your pain it does not make it any less dangerous. If your partner calls you names, or swears at you, or constantly brings you down and criticizes you or makes fun of a disability you might have, or insults you behind closed doors or in front of the kids or uses words to break your esteem, then they might be makin’ a fool out of you…re-evaluate!

And in that same light, sticks and stones will break your bones. Stop waiting for it to get better. Sometimes a person just needs to hear that they deserve better, this is me telling you that you are an amazing human being , created with purpose and you do not deserve to be the subject of any other human beings infliction.

We need to stop waiting to be heard and start listening to ourselves. Besides nobody knows you better than you know yourself. If you have heard …even if it’s a tiny voice inside of you , that has at any point told you that you deserve better…then you know what you have to do!

Hope this reaches you.

Nonny R


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