Monday Hues: Burgundy

Fall Fashion Trends 2016


And the lucky ticket goes to…..burgundy! This is the first color I am ‘featuring‘ for my Monday Hues posts. Okay so -YES its fall, and I am totally in love! (With this season that is!) . It’s time to put away all those shockingly bright colors and pull out your sensual, warm, mature colors!

Burgundy leather jacket paired with a fabulous hat! (note-whoever she is, she looks stunning!)

Burgundy is a sophisticated and serious color and naturally it means business! It’s not for the faint hearted dears! This rich, dark, woody red is often (not always…) associated with wealth, sophistication and sensuality (sexuality too!) …so it is not surprising that it has been trending since the renaissance!

It looks great, literally on all skin tones and can be worn as an outer garment, inner-wear (lingerie) , lips, eyes, hair, shoes you name it!

Burgundy is malty and extravagant and that can transform your entire look from literal rags to riches!

I personally am a fan of burgundy (as you can tell), it speaks volumes, it adds character and holds the eye! If you want to add a touch of sensuality to your look this fall , or simply infuse a little bit of drama to your look then it is the color for you!

Burgundy: We love it in leather ,faux fur and from head to toe too!  

Try pairing your burgundy items with caramel or cream colors or with something sleek and black! Below I have selected some of my favorite burgundy items, and created outfits  on Polyvore (which by the way I only just found out existed!) to get some inspiration for my wardrobe!( I’m new to this!) I love combining different textures to my look and also infusing simplicity with a tad bit of sophistication!

Burgundy: Outfit inspiration

My first attempt so please be forgiving!

Our celebs also brought it out to the red carpet this year, looking effortlessly stylish! Here we can see how one can dress it up for a glorous event.

Beyoncé and Oprah slay in burgundy: elegance, absolutely beautiful!

Burgundy Queens Inspire!
meagangooddressesskirtscutoutdressrsbzzzcnimex  596862121TM00260_73rd_Annua2d9cd9b400000578-3282164-she_s_got_it_beyonce_is_never_one_to_show_up_on_a_red_carpet_in_-m-142_1445395424714

I hope you have found some inspiration (even if it’s a tiny bit), for your closet from this post (I know I certainly have). If not, then I hope you have (at absolute least) found a new type of love for this color!

You are your own masterpiece!

Nonny R


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