American Music Awards 2016 Red Carpet looks

The American Music Awards 2016- Style Prison?!

Okay now that the hype around the AMA’s has sizzled down a bit –like their ratings, I have decided to take a quick over view at who was wearing what and point out a few of my favorite AMA red carpet looks this year. Now before we delve into it I just want to make this mental note: I found myself a little disappointed at the red carpet looks this year. Yes, I get that it is a music awards ceremony (music being something that we mostly listen to and not look at), but come on ….where was the effort this year?! I mean in comparison to other award shows (like let’s say the MTV awards) this so far ,has been the least appealing for me. Some took the effortless look a little too far! Bear in mind people, that successfully pulling of an ‘effortless’ attire especially on the red carpet, on the contrary requires loads of effort!

It was so difficult actually choosing looks that I agreed with from head to toe, but here are my favs from the AMA’s 2016.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor: Gave us life at the 2016 AMA’s 

Now , this was hands down my favorite look for the night. Teyana slayed from head to toe! She brought glamour, sophistication and sexy to the table!….Showing just enough skin to keep her looking classy and holding it all together in that bodice. I love the lace detail and I personally think that black was the way to go with this. I love the fall off the shoulder lapels that give off that ‘Ma lady‘touch which adds an overall elegance to the entire look. I also appreciate the fact that she kept the look simple, her hair- short, fresh and out of her face, make-up flawless, one simple neck piece…not too much to distract us from that gorgeous dress!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga : A breath of fresh air at the AMA’s 2016!

She did it, yes she did! I haven’t always agreed with Gaga’s style in the past, but 2016 is a year for revelations! I loved this look.  White two piece suite with an ever so chic hat to finish it off!Lady Gaga looked like a G! And a clean, fresh face, hair out of the way (which I always think is the way to go) beat. I loved the inner satin lapels on the blazer and the way that she showed some skin, but kept classy. Pants say power (when worn the correct way!) She looked stunning. That suite said power, sophistication and edge. Hats off to you Lady G!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande: Working that ponytail at the AMA’s! 

The ever so cute and and ever so petite! She looked modern chic in her bustier and high pin pants. I absolutely loved her look. Simple, classy with a touch of attitude! Most times (when done correctly) you cannot go wrong with lace. I love the fact that she kept the accessories at a minimum with that simple diamante neck piece and earrings. I think what pulled it all together and kept it together was that high rise (ever increasing in length) pony tail! She worked it!

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid: Making waves at the AMA’s 2016!

My favorite ‘Gigi’ look for the evening was definitely not the red Italian Versace dress ( even though there seems to be some unnecessary noise about it) there was just way too much red for me there! But I did like her look in this white lace dress.  The white brings out her color, and the lace adds just a bit of softness against her GQ face and retro hairdo – which by the way are my favorite parts of the outfit! I am not completely sold on the choker being a necessary part of the ensemble, but she made the right choice by not adding anymore accessories to the outfit! Nice one Gigi!

Hits or misses? You tell me!

I think all in all style wise there were some enjoyable pieces on the AMA red carpet. I did notice that even on a rainy day the open sandal was among the most worn shoe! And I totally think that every girl needs to have at least ( LEAST) one pair of gold, one strap heels in her closet!

On that note I leave you with this – just because its trending, doesn’t mean its fashionable!

Nonny R


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