Keep going!

Let it rain!

It’s almost the end of the year and just the other day I heard from one source or the other that there isn’t enough time left to reach 2016 goals that you have not started working on. Now my rationale at that fleeting moment was – ‘yeah, so true…totally, just forget it’ .I felt like accepting defeat to my unattained goals is a crucial step to healing and starting afresh next year! But then….. I had some time to think it over (like literally half a day-ha!) , and I call bull on this theory !

Life is complicated enough!

Why do we always let the world (so to speak) dictate our lives, decisions, choices feelings etc? I personally don’t do the infamous ‘New Years resolution bull’ because I am simply tired of feeling like less of a human every time I don’t achieve something that I really thought I wanted at the beginning of the year, under one influence or the other ( yes…..) ! But that is not to say that I don’t have goals. I do have small goals, medium goals  and large ones too.  What I am getting to here (yes, I am going somewhere with this) is that it is not too late.

Have the courage to keep going!

For instance,  if you were catching a train to an interview and you missed that train, simply wait for the next one and STILL go! And as clichéd as this might sound, I am going to say it anyway ‘it’s better late than never’. You arrive, you are late (according to someone else’s expectations and your own possibly), but what you have shown (to yourself, if no one else) is that you are determined, you have perseverance, you are accountable and willing to take responsibility for your own shortcomings but most of all you are courageous for not backing down, even in the face of doom! Not that you would get the job, bear in mind that this is all metaphorical,in real-life situations stick to the interview guidelines please and try to be fifteen minutes early every time!

Life keeps giving me blanks!

Based on my own perception, I have felt in almost a state of confusion my entire life! A very short life, but none the less a very confusing one too. Like why doesn’t life just have huge billboards along the journey that say stuff like “Don’t do it?”  Or “There right choice is…” or “Don’t take a left turn, its hell that way!”. Instead my life journey feels like my billboards have mostly been blank (big white space, with nothing!) needing or waiting on me to fill them in! (For whom? Is my journey not mine alone or is there someone else tailing behind me getting it easier?) and on the rare occasion having stuff like “It’s up to you” or “Do what is best for you” or “only you can decide” …seriously , if I knew what to do I wouldn’t be looking up to the billboards for guidance.


We may not always know what we want out of life at every moment, but there are times when we know exactly what we want,  but then struggle on the ‘first step in the planning process’ on how to achieve it!  Even if you don’t have bombastic goals, that does not make you less of a person. Don’t feel pressured by the world, actually stop pressuring yourself.

Different strokes for different folks!

Different tactics work for different people, some write their long-term goals down , some  use dream boards, some have a pacing calendar, some mental notes (mostly me) and some sleep on the couch and wait for a dream (literally!). Whatever your method is, all I am saying is that if you haven’t reached a specific goal that you set out for yourself, the fact that you are still working towards it is enough, so don’t fall for it’s the end of the year and you will never make it bull– what if the year was 480 days long? It’s all relative at the end of the day.

There will be obstacles along the way!

And if you do stumble along the way, so be it. That is really part of the journey. Most of our journey is really never straight forward; we take several wrong turns in attempt to get to the right destination. We have flats tires on our way (some of us have run-flats) , oil leaks, over-heating engines which need us to get out fix them or stop somewhere and have someone assist us in fixing them, and then still continue towards our destination. Sometimes it the car that has a problem, sometimes it’s the motorway and most times its us! Okay, okay sometimes there are a-holes and potholes along the motorway, but nothing is an unbreakable solid wall standing in our way! So just keep going!

Nonny R


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