5 Hairstyles that slayed my 2016


Hair can make or break your outfit!

Yes, we do hair and we do it well! In this selfie crazy era that we’re barely, but existing in-looks are absolutely everything! (This is simply an observation on my part), and your hair is a vital part of your style, and can either make or break your look. 2016 has been one heck of a year for hair! We have seen it all from green hair to purple hair, from ballerina buns to messy buns, and from long and curly to fresh cut chops, you name it- 2016 has truly been a forgiving year when it comes to hair!  Whether you wear it long or rock it short, there has been something for everyone this year! (And the year is not over yet!). So, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite hairstyles so far from 2016. Bear in mind, my current hairstyle has not made the list!

Curls: Go big or go home!

Right at the top of my list (honestly this is almost every year) are Big Curly Curls! I absolutely love curly hair! It’s no longer a matter of taming the curls, but rather the aim now is accentuation them. I prefer long curls, with lots of volume and shine. Healthy shiny looking curls have a way of adding height, demeanour and edge to any look, and because they are already all over the place , there is way less fretting over keeping your hair intact and way more time to enjoy downers on the deck!

Lobs: So chic and so sassy!

Next on my list is the Layered Lob ( a long bob) . Now when it comes to bobs in general, I am a newbie. And I love what I have seen in 2016. One of my favs is the layered or curled lob; as shown above. This do looks fresh, it looks ‘Baywatch babish’ and is perfect if you want to add an illusion of length to your neck as well as give your chin more definition (by wearing it at a slightly shorter length). I personally like the waves as these stimulate the eyes more. It looks both classy and sassy at the same time, adding a little edge to any look. It can also look cheerful, but never innocent when paired with a more casual outfit. It is a simple hairstyle, easy to maintain and adds a bit of fun to any look!

Messy Bun: A perfectly hot mess!

The Messy Bun. What a revolution! I guess this what it means to look like a hot mess! I have always loved the ballerina bun, with its tight, starchy look (this will not change), but this year I fell inlove with the concept of the “girl next-door”, look like I haven’t made and effort , but actually spent over an hour messy bun. I’m not going to lie, it’s cute and it can be dressed down or dressed up and you can even pull it off on the red carpet!

High pony: Keeps it all together!

The High Rise Pony Tail. I call it high-rise because I am talking about the one that is one right at the top of the head. Ponies are cool again- period. Nothing says I am ready to take on the world  like a nice tight pony on top of your head!  And this year the high pony has seriously made headlines! I love a high pony, it sort of wraps everything you are wearing into one neat package. The high pony is ideal if you are looking to shed some years from your face, add height and edge to your look or if you’re simply needing a new perspective on life!

Stiched cornrow: Simply stylish!

And lastly the Stitched Cornrow. Now, wait just a minute, growing up I was not much of a fan when it came to cornrows, and in my adult life I am yet to try them out, due to the horrors of badly done rows by members of the community back then! BUT I fell in deep like with the stitched cornrow in 2016! It is such an easy, simple and clean look and it can be worn with almost anything. It adds a bit of a vigour to a simple outfit and like the pony accentuates ones facial features and can make you look younger! I will in all probability use it as a interim hairstyle in the near future!

Lobs/Bobs: Gave me life this year!

Whatever your style is, I hope you enjoyed reading this piece (post) as much as I enjoyed writing it! Now it’s time for me to decide what hairstyle I am going exit 2016 with, and enter with into 2017! Will probably be staying well away from the’hot mess’- had enough of that this year!

Nonny R


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