Fall Fashion Trends 2016


So, it’s fall, one of my utmost favorite times of the year! Don’t get me wrong I love summer and spring, but I look way better in Faux! So,I took it upon myself to browse around and have a look-see at what is trending right now in the fashion industry ( please bear in mind that I am an amateur at all this!)  For those of us who couldn’t get to the New York Fashion Week– we thank the universe for the internet!

Elle online has been kind enough to provide us fashion senseless people with a comprehensive guide to the Fall 2016 fashion trends , thanking them ever so much! (I will share the link at the end of this piece)

According to Elle everything is trending for Fall 2016! Styles from the renaissances are back, fur is in and  velvet has made an appearance too. Below are some pics for your enjoyment, I took it upon myself to browse around for items that I liked or found interesting and thought that you or I could do with in our closets this fall!

Yes I know, faux faur or fur can be dramatic at times, but honestly who doesn’t love a little bit of drama now and then. I absolutely love it in the blue! This is an absolute must have for me this fall, reminds me of Jennifer Lopez (Jenny from the block!). My motto with faux is “We go big or we go home!”

Some velvety looks below. I personally am not a big fan of velvet, but if you can pull it off go for it!

With velvet the simpler it is, the better for all!

Capelets (like mini capes) are in this fall, they are a lovely way to create a split waist effect and add a cute touch when paired with jeans. I love the faux fur version of these!

Love the idea of leather and faux fur capelets, every lady should have one of these in her closet- not just for rainy days!

If you are a risk taker you will love hearing that Tinsel is in town! Yess! According to people over at Elle this fall you can get away with adding some tinsel to your look! Okay not just some, but apparently a lot of tinsel is okay too!

Tinsel on the runway! Picture from Elle online.

 I this I might strip some off my Christmas tree this year, I love the idea of it!

Apparently it is safe to whip out your ‘Spice Girl’ platform boots and you will not be frowned upon (don’t go digging them out just yet, finish reading this first!).

I personally love chunky, but not too much chunk! So proceed with caution with these. Pair them with a skirt or dress, something that will show them off of course, but remember to keep it simple , the platforms alone are a lot to take in for the retina !

Accessories. accessories! Accessories are just as brutal! Bags with embellished guitar straps have apparently made it big this fall, so if you have yours lying about somewhere in the outskirts of your closet, haul it out and put it to use! Here are some ideas of what these actually should look like in 2016, and whats lovely about these is that you can even purchase separate straps allowing you to change the look of your bag from day to day, so its fit for our pockets!


These are beautiful and have that ‘easy going’ feel.

 Chokers are no longer only for the gothgirl! You can spice up your outfit with a chunky metal piece, or give your look and edge with something more daring like shiny crystal like pieces or simply add personality to your look by adding a little delicate piece around your neck! Personally what I appreciate about a choker is the illusion of an elongated neck that it creates. If you are not much of a fan when it comes to chokers , try something a little more subtle , perhaps a plain black piece, or a thin gold ( which is classy) chain.

A beautiful way to finish of any look!

Well, there you have it. A glimpse at what is trending this fall and hopefully some ideas on how to incorporate different pieces or items into your look. If you would like more info- the internet has a thousand and one articles available. I personally like to keep things clutter free ( outfits, that is) so will probably add one or two of said items into one outfit! Avoid wearing too much of anything! You can check out the Elle article on the following link: Elle Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Nonny R



  1. Aw this is a really good post:) Im obsessed with the fall/winter seasons because its all about being dramatic and putting on a show lol. & as a fellow velvet enthusiast, Im looking forward to incorporating velvet in my spring wardrobe. Wish me luck!

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