How to know you are human


What exactly does being human mean? Why I’m asking this is because so many of us don’t realize that fundamentally this is exactly what we are…and I found myself asking myself this question.

Being human is not measured by whether or not you can decipher those inscriptions that you come across when supposedly the site is checking that you are not a robot, being human simply means being yourself and wholeheartedly understanding you, physically, emotionally…and spiritually too, if you are into that sort of thinking.

I thought about writing a “10 ways to...” piece on how to be human and then I realized that I was being absolutely ridiculous ! I myself, don’t hold the answers to this so I am not going to tell you what you need to do to be more human, but I will share some of the things that I think make me human.

  1. I am not perfect, I accept this and I honestly don’t aspire to be.
  2. I enjoy laughter, whether it be me laughing or someone else.
  3. I appreciate my senses. Yes I mean the basic senses; touch , see, smell, taste. 
  4. I appreciate- period.
  5. I am able to co-exist with humanity, and not humanity co-existing with me!
  6. I desire, hope, dream and aspire for more- all the time. 
  7. I feel thin gs , even though I may not always understand my own feelings!
  8. I ask others for help, when I needed.
  9. I think about the past, future and the present.
  10. I feel the presence of others even when they are not present physically.
  11. I love food.

Of course putting a check mark next to each thing doesn’t validate that you are definitely human, but I am pretty sure that if not all , that at least most of the above is familiar to you. And if not, then the fact that you have read this article makes you human too.

What are the things that make you human? Leave your comments below …even if it’s a year from now. Let’s get keep the conversation going!





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